39 Stitch Along

This project is created by Amy Powers of Inspire Co. - my favorite blog. She is turning 39 this month and decided to create a stitched square each day to celebrate. Some days I will need to stitch an extra block as I am a little beyond 39. Finally, after much trouble with pictures and embroidery rules and such...I have my first two days of blocks.

But first, my color palette...

Orange, brown, pink, turquoise, blue

So, I misunderstood the rules and thought I was going to make a block each day just like Amy's - it wasn't until I looked at other blogs participants blogs that I realized we were all designing our own!!! And so, I did not post the first day as I made a birdie like Amy's. My teammate at work helped me realize it was a happy mistake and that the first square was to honor the person who got me started on this. So the birdie gets to stay.

Then last night I made block two: hollyhocks. I didn't think I would like inventing my own block - but it was fun. I enjoyed it so much I decided to do a 3rd block (since I need to make extras) of a heart to honor my dad. Dad spent his first night in all his 72 years in the hospital - it all turned out well but I was concerned.

Can't wait to see what I think of for tonight!

BTW - I realize now my pictures are in reverse order - I have much to learn about blogging


  1. You are doing awesome Ros! I love the blocks, just darling :) Keep on going!

  2. Very cool. Can you stitch any design you want? Maybe I can get Jane to do a Swim/Bike/Run thing for me :)

  3. My B - you should join - it is a great experience! You can stitch any design and if you go to the site - 39 Stitch Along - you can see a ton of ideas from very creative people

  4. I love your hollyhocks. Would you mind if I tried a variation of them for one of my squares?

  5. Oh dear - just noticed I called Mr. B My B - sorry!
    Kathy I would be honored if you varied my design for your own square - thanks

  6. wow!! these are Great!!! really Super!!!
    I think I may copy one of yours! hee hee !!
    actually I havent taken any photos... I better get busy!!