For my friend Sue and Margaret too!

Okay I am trying to get Charlie's ankle off the top of my page. Since I posted the many legs of Charlie, things have been so hectic I haven't had time to post anything else. Charlie continues to heal but still can not bear any weight on his leg - next week he has another appointment and we are hopeful that he might get to bear just a tiny bit of weight.

I am going to try something new for me starting November 1 - I am truly going to try to blog every day. I haven't decided the theme - the reason I am going to do this is that my boys aren't coming home for turkey day and I think November may be a bit hard for me - so this will keep me distracted. I am thinking of sharing memories of the boys, or one cool memory of the day, or possibly crafting stuff as I will be putting the Christmas machine in full gear this weekend. Any ideas?

School has been busy - the first of the year is always so hard to adjust to and get things running smoothly - I am hesitant to say that it is getting there because that might jinx it. We had a fun little party (Harvest not Halloween) yesterday at the end of the day and everyone got too much candy for sure. Glad I got to send them home right when the sugar really hit their systems.