what is it???

we made these very festive morsels tonight - 
can you guess what they are?

not beef tartare ...
not dog food ...
not mounds of barf ....
yes the coloring on the picture is correct

they are a cookie - cherry almond macaroons

they taste only a little better than they look
we tossed them...
or will ... as soon as we stop making fun of them
such a waste of almonds


Nutcracker Puppets

these are the flowers with the snow king in front
The Sugarplum Gang - not sure what the poodle is all about
Everyone in their spots
Tea and Coffee
The Snow Queen and snowflake

Clara, Uncle Drosselimier, and the Soldiers

my mom made these puppets some 40 years ago - maybe more - they are a treasure to me and i am so glad they have a safe and lovely place to reside



Nutcracker Post II

After trying everything I could think of I couldn't get the slide show of my nutcracker box to load.

so i will just have to show you the pictures one by one...
 with the dark days here in the nw, it is hard to get 'bright' pictures'

first, the outside of the box -
and then the inside -

i will share more pictures of the puppets later when i
can upload faster

Are you feeling the spirit yet?


The Nutcracker

when I was a kid my mom made finger puppets of the nutcracker characters.

they were magically to me. 

she kept them in a box on straws and we would play with them very carefully.

recently, i was honored to receive this set.

and so i set out to honor the gift.

last winter I worked on an appropriate container for such a special memory...

then I got busy this fall to finish it...but i already know i need to do more to the box...
so for now,
this is the nutcracker stage or memory

you can view the video, or I will post pictures soon