It's that time of year...

Okay so I am embracing the idea that I can write on this every two days - which is way better than every 62 days.

So, what did you think when I said it was that time of year?
Maybe you thought baseball. Here is Casey and I at the Mariner's game last week. The Mariners beat the Cubs - woot woot - was a great game and enjoyed spending it with the family (Toby AND Casey all at once). Have you had garlic fries? - so delicious - thank goodness you can only get them at the ballgame - they are soooo good!!

But, it is not THAT time of you year. This is the time of year when all minds turn towards that wonderful family celebration. No, not the 4th...
Scroll down....

It is that time of year when my mind naturally turns towards the making
of my annual friend ornament for Christmas. Yes, Christmas. If I don't do it now, I won't have time. So tonight while Casey was reading his first college text book (he begged for me to order it so he could start reading for his fall classes - whataguy). So this is experiment one on the friend ornament road. The reason I need so much time is cuz I change my mind so much - none the less I have begun. And that is victory in itself.
So, the bonus is I am using this as my reentry into 52 projects. I haven't even allowed myself to look at anyone else's projects because I felt so bad I wasn't doing any - but I am working on the back on trackin'.


Okay already I missed a day! Today I am taking it easy. Toby is safe and sound at Tanglewood - what a great adventure and opportunity for him! Casey is off with friends and so I am left with some much needed down time of relaxation. Watching the World Cup - GO USA! They sure do run alot. Committed to starting a new project today and will let you know as soon as I do!! Am thinking of starting on my Christmas friend ornaments - too weird?



Well it has been 2 months - the last months of school and life have been very hectic but now I am back in the saddle again!!
Tonight Toby flies off to Massachusetts for a summer gig at Tanglewood - I had no idea what that was but checked it out today and it is a pretty great opportunity for him - yeah. Cuz if he has to be away for the summer then it should be for something good.
I will try to catch up in the days to come and I am hoping to get some crafting done to show this summer....depends on life!
Talk to you soon