52 Projects

The first blog project I found and wanted to join was 52 Projects. A chance to do something new every week. So here is my week 1 (I think it is week 6 for everyone else). I created this blog. There is a lot I don't know yet, but I will figure it out. What a great project - we are all learners, no matter our age.


Welcome to my blog!
It has been many weeks that I have thought of starting this. Finally, two opportunities came my way that made it so I needed a blog to participate. In the days to come you will read more about those.
I am hoping these two projects will re-energize me as an artist. I plan to post every day or two and include quilting, crafting and paper projects as well as life stuff.
Hope you will come back often - if you become a 'follower' you can track my blog, or you can just check in by going to the web address whenever.
I am thinking this is going to be great fun!