since it is about to snow A L O T

i thought this would be a good time to catch up on some of my christmas projects

this year my friend ornaments combines fabric and paper, beads and glitter

i used images from old prayer cards my mom loaned me and added some from the graphics fairy - between the two of them, they have everything
each one is different and i made about 25 - i used postcards for the base and added velvet ribbon from my friend jill and lace from the goodwill and ribbons from my stash and mercury beads from my grama - i sewed and glued and glittered - it was a blast - i copied the prayer cards and then glued them to heavy stock and distressed them so they looked old - there are layers of organza and netting velvet and satin and anything else i could throw in there  - i packaged them in onionskin envelopes i made from the box of paper i scored at the thrift store (it has an onionskin watermark on each sheet)


and i'm back...

it is an amazing thing how fast a month slides by and then 2...then 8...it isn't like i had nothing i could post it was more about having/taking the time to post...

last we visited, it was spring and i was involved in swaps...those swaps got me going to the goodwill on a semi-regular basis and having a blast looking at and creating with old stuff no one wanted...some stuff is so sad there and other things just bring memories flooding back of times gone by...while there is some great stuff there, i see blogs with even better stuff from estate sales...wonder if i could start taking fridays off...kids don't need to learn on fridays?...right?

and so i am back...not sure how often i will be posting but for the next few days i am going to post some projects i did this summer fall and winter...it is snowing here and i am hoping for a snow day or two this week...did i just jinx it?