finally got the trip around color study put together .. i tried many layouts and finally decided that it really looked good anyway i put it

crazy hard to iron though
i would like to make another one with either
brighter fabrics of all colors, or
black and white with bright pastels, or
the nice thing about this block is i can make a batch in the evening after work and it is not a huge undertaking
i stiched on the batik heart - the batik made it difficult to keep the shape of the heart and the polkadots so i had to create the outlines with stitching

after this picture i decided to stich even more, i used varigated thread and it took on a circus look .. love it


batiking with crayons

last spring my sister and i (annie in salem) decided to do a project together..we don't get to see each other near enough...so we skyped a craft session ... she found someplace where you used crayons to batik
 i got a mini muffin tin and peeled a load of crayons and melted them on my electric griddle

 casey was home from school on spring break so he joined in making one for his service fraternity at college (usc)
this is the heart i made before dye
 after first round of dye
 after i bent it all up (cuz it didn't look batiky enough)...i dyed it a second time
finished ... i am currently working on embellishing it - actually maybe i am working on a second version of this
here are some other things i made

the french houses were a disappointment for sure


caught the trip around along craze

about two weeks ago i was catching up on my quilting blog reading and after a few i realized i was seeing the same quilt in many places .. i am not sure if it is trip along or trip around...but it is great..so satisfying and quick and A.D.D.I.C.T.I.V.E
i really liked the quilts i was seeing and then discovered a tutorial ... i will link to it as soon as i find it again .. but seriously, everyone who is anyone is doing this :)

i decided to do mine as a color study..so i headed to my sewing room, looked at the shelf and decided to 'study' green as it was the most loaded shelf

i cut a 2 1/2 inch strip from each fabric .. except the hand dyed, woven, and batik pieces...if you see some doubles (i think i counted 3) it is becasue i had 2 pieces of the fabric..

above are the first 16 blocks...6 fabrics per block...big math...i kept sewing and unsewing and even some missewing...turns out i made 36 blocks with 3 strips left over...let me do the math for you 219 fabrics...shocking i know...especially to me...how did i get so many...there isn't one fabric in this quilt that is less than 5 years old...

i think i might need a 12 step program for fabric .. specifically green

i am thinking and have been having dreams about a quilt using all my reds with maybe some ocean blue for contrast...

all 36 blocks are sewn but not to each other...will finish soon


wow lotta time gone by

it is surprising to know that a year has passed since last i posted. a friend recently started a delightful blog and i so enjoyed her first post about her grandfather http://nerdsmiles.wordpress.com/ that it inspired me to check in to my blog. it took an hour to get logged in...really..i could not recall my password and i get stubborn about admitting it to the internet password resetting powers!

i have many things to share and look forward to getting back into the blogging thing.

for today i will share what i have on my camera - these are my new invention for christmas delight...i called them christmas sodas... i didn't get a picture when the syrup was dripping like lava through the glass - but still you can see how festive they are

the recipe is:
1/2 cup of bubbly water poured into the cup
1/4 cup of heavy cream or half and half poured in next
1 shot of cherry syrup (like they use at coffee places)
and 1 green striped straw (the paper straws did not hold up very well)
next year I want to try lime syrup and red straws