One Little Word 2014 January

my word is order
put this crazy life of mine in order
i have had a word of the year for two years before now
i had no idea it was a 'real' thing
i thought it was just fun
in 2012 my word was act - of course i had nothing to keep me accountable
i definitely hear that word though when i hesitate
in 2013 my word was less - and i started to work on less
less of everything
this year i found out one little word was a really, real thing and i joined
ali Edwards gives us prompts and videos to work on to keep our word present and to love out word
i have had a few hiccups
first so many people were so enthusiastic at the beginning that i got completely overwhelmed and tried to give up
i stopped reading the posts and soon found i wanted to jump back in
did some stitching and thinking
ordered some pages and i am off



these were the assignments for January ... i finished in mid-February :)
it has made it all so clear - what i mean by order - it isn't all about organizing

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