30Lists: Day 2

Day 2 - how would you describe yourself to a pen pal
this prompt really had me thinking - what would I tell a pen pal
probably just basic kinda surface stuff
the me i want people to see me as
the best me
pen pals are probably never gonna really meet you - i could make crazy stuff up
(that would be a fun list)
the cliché list of who i am as defined by what i am
since this was too big for one page of my book I cut it up and added my thoughts

then i thought about the things i would never tell a pen pal
the real stuff
the REAL REAL stuff
and i made that list
hid it behind a fold of paper
that is not for no pen pal
this is just the beginning of the purge

glad i put a piece a tape on that bad boy so no one can see

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