30Lists: Day 3

ideal day...fantasy day
what would my ideal day be like
after making this, i realized that my ideal day would surely most surely involve the ocean

so here is my new ideal day
wake up to the sound of the ocean
it's 80 degrees and the lightest breeze
the bed is just so soft and comfy
charlie greets me with coffee
we go for a walk on the beach
sophie runs in front of us
we go to a fire hall breakfast
we win a raffle
i go down to the dunes
and draw
and write
and read
and fall asleep in the warm sunny dunes
charlie wakes me
i meet some friends for lunch
we laugh and have wine
i meet charlie and the boys and we dig a big hole
they dig i watch
the tide comes in
we hunt for shells
back to our nice cabin
not big
just right
all us
mom and dad arrive
brothers and sisters
i make my pizza
we eat
we play cards
we visit
we head to the beach
for a fire
for s'mores
for laughter
we head to the cabin
charlie and the boys
a visit by the fire
hot tea expertly made by charlie
back in our snuggly bed
a good day
the sound of the ocean lulls me to sleep
not loving my other lists now


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