There is so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving:

my two sons
off learning new things
having Thanksgiving dinner with their teachers
happy and healthy

my husband
leg healing nicely
treats me with care
is truly a partner
my parents
south in the warmth
 my best friends
my siblings
all over the northwest
if not always in touch, always in my heart

my friends
my colleagues
fun to work with
keep me calm
my dog
fierce protector
grateful for each and every person in my life
there are so many things to be grateful for too
long underwear, a job, a car that runs, laughter, craft and quilting materials, 
a warm and comfy bed, my boots,  snow, milky way bars,  glitter,
House (tv), medicines, pudding, art, pumpkin candles, mustard, books, warm quilts...
and so much more ...


Walking in a Winter Wonderland

the weather here in the northwest has been frightful - 
snow, wind, ice, frigid temperatures. 
I like to walk around 
see what is happening when it is like this. 
missed having Casey with me though.
had to stop myself from telling kids to get off the street they were
sledding on.
the world gets so quiet when cloaked in snow.

Sophie walked with me...
for about 5 minutes
then she refused to go on...
so I took her home and continued on...

I saw this leaf - lovely
off for some more glittering


Snow - Holidays Day 22

well finally a little time to craft. we had a 1/2 school day/1/2 snow day today. hurray - of course I celebrated by taking a nap first!

my projects are coming along...

The circles o' crepe got glitz...

there was a little music...

and some snow here and there

even a bead or two

time to pull it all together...
but I won't be sharing that just yet
I am hoping for another snow day or 1/2 day tomorrow (I will take whatever) so that I might work on some more fun projects...off to start a tree I saw online.... 
does anyone else think the smell of hot glue is one of the great smells of Christmas?


Holidays - Day 6

This past week I gathered up some supplies for Christmas crafting

It was nice to shop before everything has been picked through...I came home and started my "Friend Ornaments" Step 1 took several evening this week

on to Step 2...
If you are feeling the Spirit - two bits of advice

  1. tonight on PBS is a Christmas Special (don't know the name but they advertised it this morning while I was watching my quilting shows)
  2. Check out this ezine from a very nice lady and her many talented friends
okay report cards, then crafting for me today


Holidays - Day 4

Today we went to the orthopedic surgeon and had Charlie checked out.

this is his x-ray - he gets to bear weight on it - so goodbye scooter, hello crutches! I almost passed out when he explained how they might take out one of the screws. On the up side we could probably get out the drill and do the same thing here - gruesome! It might also just break and then the surgeon said that would be okay too. He really is a great guy and has made this process pleasant - if you ever need an orthopedic surgeon - call us - hope you never need one though.


The Holidays - Day 1

Now that the candy has been passed out and the decorations put away it is officially 
 let the crafting begin...what are these for?
what things are you crafting on? Do you have a long list or a short one? the difficult part for me is that i have this continuing thought that it is not a present unless you make it. or at least that a homemade present is the most thoughtful present. i don't think this about presents i get just about presents i give. i do love making things but i am never sure if folks like getting them. do people want purchased gifts or homemade? my mom and dad always 'made' our christmas - so many wonderful things that they toiled over. our house was like santa's workshop. mom always set up with projects for the aunties and grandparents. guess it is genetic. do you think the people working on the human genome will find the craft gene?