Crown Cop Out

My challenge was suppose to be to paper piece this block. I don't really understand paper piecing, it takes extra fabric and extra steps - the up side: the block is always perfect. As you can see above I used the paper piecing paper to create templates which I am very comfortable with. My excuse is that is our first day over 90 degrees here in Seattle!!!! I can't learn something new in this heat. SO here is my block:
I am so much more happy with my color choices this time but the photo doesn't portrait the colors very well. The two pieces that look blue are actually teals and gorgeous vibrating against the limes and gold of the print. I haven't decided if I will build on to this block - I like it that when you put a few of the blocks together you get a cross and a frame - doesn't really show in this setting.


New Challenge

Okay, my cousin has presented me with a return challenge that will TRULY be a challenge for me - A paper-pieced block - I don't paper piece - I don't like it - I don't get it - I hate it!!! My first thought is to draft the pattern but it is hot and that sounds time consuming - so maybe I will try paper piecing - it is a challenge after all!!
I do love this block - crowns, rings, and crosses - the crowns are fab - you don't see the crosses unless you piece several (which is probably not in my future) nor the rings. If you want to play along follow this link: Crowns, Rings, & Crosses. Blocks are due Friday at 1:11 PM CT

Aster Block Complete

My cousin Shaney and I have completed our first blocks. This is mine - I am not very happy with the color - the greens are way to similar to the blue background and the blue background is way too dominate.
I decided to make 4 blocks and try a small quilt top. My thought was to add applique around the outside edge in an additional border. However, I am kinda disappointed in the colors so I probably won't invest applique time in this piece. Anyway, my cousin is posting another block in the next few hours - so I will be off on that one.


Fun with a cousin

I have been recently talking with my cousin Shaney on Facebook. Turns out we are both trying to get back to this quilting thing!

So, we are going to challenge each other by just getting going. Today I picked a block and we have 48 hours to do something with it.

Should be interesting!!

This block is double aster - there is a great website that offers free instructions on all kinds of blocks - check it out. Hey I learned something new today - how to link - woot woot.

Hey, wanna join us???


Happy 4th

So, here we are - the big holiday of the summer!! Heat - NO. Rain - yes!!

Another memorable 4th of July in Seattle....

Plan B was to make art - about Freedom. This morning we watched The Story of America and it had a lot of interesting info about us through the ages. As we were trying to come up with an alternate plan, I remembered a project my friend Sue and her family does where they create art together. That didn't quite seem like a plan for us - but we could each make our own...
So I gathered up paints and brushes and a few bits and baubles...
I have to admit I was nervous. A- They were using my best brushes and B - it was our first adventure in making art side by side.
Everyone's process was different - Casey was very definite on what he wanted and he got busy. After maybe 10 minutes he wanted to know how and where he could flip paint around - so we set him up outside.
Charlie had a hard time - he searched the internet and proclaimed that he had no idea. Then he poked around my box of junk and decided to trace some stars - Patriotic fellow, he is!

First we have Casey's work - alive with color.

Charlie's is a bit more traditional but very well done.

And mine, I started off wanting to make a statement but changed my mind. I tore up a copy of the Declaration that my parents had sent me
and added 234 for the number of the anniversary this year - we are such a young nation!!

We will watch the Boston Pops tonight and stay home. Too wet and cold to go to a display of fireworks. Besides, Toby is out East playing with the Boston Symphony which interestingly IS the Boston Pops. Did you know that? Me neither. He isn't playing with them tonight but it still makes me feel closer to him, so far away.

Here are all our paintings together. Let the fireworks begin.